Enhance Your Natural Features for a Pop of Glamorous Allure

Lip filler for lip enhancement

You are beautiful. Whether it’s your eyes, your cheekbones or your pearly whites, there’s something about your that’s unique and stands out. Sometimes all it takes is to tweak one little feature on your face to elevate your natural beauty to new heights.

Using Dermal Filler to Augment Facial Features

Lips: Subtle or “Vavoom!” You Choose

No doubt about it, the lips are one of the most popular areas for augmentation. There’s a good reason for it too. A tiny change can make a big impact. There’s a lot we can do with lips to improve your pout.

Using a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, we can add projection, plumpness and volume to the fleshy or pink part of the lip. We can also improve definition around the vermillion border (your lips’ outer edges), and in particular make the Cupid’s Bow more pronounced.

Furthermore, there are other ways to improve your lips’ appearance without adding volume per se. We can make the lips more symmetrical if either the upper or lower lip is considerably smaller/larger. Or sometimes if one side of the mouth is uneven we can correct this with a small amount of filler.

If your lips are always dry and lackluster, there are fillers that can add hydration, add luminosity and fill in those tiny lip lines without making your lips bigger. We can also rejuvenate the area around your lips as well.

Lip Filler Before After

Chin & Jawline Contouring

Relatively new to the scene, and growing in popularity, is chin and jawline contouring. That’s because when it comes to the lower face, this dynamic duo can make the difference between a jawline that’s just okay to one that’s smooth and chiseled to perfection.

If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, the objective would be to focus on making the jawline a little more square and improve chin shape and projection (if needed). Treating both areas with dermal filler can create a more harmonious and symmetrical face overall.

For those of us in our 40’s, 50’s or older, we would focus on lifting the mid-face in addition to jawline/chin contouring. Especially if someone is showing signs of mild-to-moderate skin laxity around the jawline and jowls.

For the lower face we would normally choose a denser HA filler that acts like bone, giving support and structure to the facial tissue and skin,. 

Jawline contouring with filler

Temples and Brow Lift with Filler

When we’re younger, the upper face is not typically an area with think about treating with dermal filler. But even the tiniest amount of volume loss or weakness in the temples (due to aging, weight loss or genetics) can detract from our appearance.

Filling in the temples can result in multiple improvements. One, it can correct any hollowness, giving the face a more youthful profile. Two, it can open up the eyes and create a very subtle brow-lifting effect. This type of injection is an excellent addition to neuromodulators (such as BOTOX) in the upper face to give the upper face a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

For more information about these and our other services visit our website or give us a call to book your complimentary consultation.

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