Forma + Filler for a Movie Star Jawline

Forma + Filler Jawline Contouring

What do many celebs have that we don’t have (other than fame and fortune)? A well-defined jawline that’s chiseled to perfection. Our favourite example is Cindy Crawford, who was once told by a fashion photographer that she has a million-dollar mandible.

Why is a strong jawline so mesmerizing? It’s all in the way it cradles our face, creating a centerpiece for the chin, nose and eyes. From an evolutionary perspective, it signals to our brain that someone has robust health, youth and vitality.

If reading this has compelled you to pick up a mirror and examine your own face, then you’re probably wondering if you too have a movie star jawline. Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Depending on your age and genetics, your jawline may simply lack definition or be obscured by the signs of aging such as sagging skin, jowls or excess fat.

How to Fool Mother Nature with Technology 

This may sound strange given that we’ve just emerged from a global pandemic, but it’s a great time to be alive. Incredible innovation in cosmetic medicine and non-surgical rejuvenation has made it possible for us to look years younger, and more attractive, without ever having to visit a plastic surgeon. 

One area where the industry has made great strides is in jawline contouring. This means that if you desire that perfectly sculpted Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt jawline…you can certainly have it!  Using Forma Skin Tightening technology in combination with specialized dermal filler, we can sculpt your lower face to give it more lift, definition and… well, that move star glamour.

What is the Forma Skin Tightening?

Think of your skin as a pair of jeans. Over time your jeans become loose and no longer hold their shape. But wash them and throw them in the dryer and suddenly your jeans hug your curves again. The heat from the dryer contracts the thread fibers, shrinking the fabric. The Forma Facial essentially does the same thing to your skin. The device uses radiofrequency energy to ‘shrink’ excess skin by contracting and stimulating collagen.

Why Combine Forma with Filler for a Stunning Jawline?

The Forma Facial is a highly effective stand-alone treatment to be sure. We recommend 6-8 sessions if you’re looking to improve skin firmness and give your complexion a beautiful glow. To enhance and define your jawline, however, you’ll need dermal filler. We use a high-density hyaluronic acid filler such as Stylage XXL to add volume along the chin and jawline, to correct deflation and shape the lower face. 

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Women and men of all ages are excellent candidates for jawline contouring with Forma and filler. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, this dynamic treatment duo can give your lower face more projection and aesthetically pleasing contours.

If you’re a little older and notice that your once chiseled jawline is starting to deflate and lose definition, then we can reverse this process. We would start with a series of 6-8 Forma Facials to achieve improved dermal collagen followed by filler to restructure the jawline for a more youthful appearance.

For more information about the Forma Facial + dermal filler for jawline contouring, visit our website or give us a call to book your complimentary consultation.

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