Laser Hair Removal, Oakville is a Journey: Start Yours Now for Smooth, Hair-Free Skin

Laser Hair Removal, Toronto

The quest for smooth skin is hundreds, if not thousands, of years in the making. There’s something sensual and alluring about a hair-free body that has kept this quest alive, driven by the latest emerging laser hair removal (LHR) technologies.

Enter the Diolaze XL laser, Oakville, hair removal device. It’s a culmination of everything that we want (and don’t want in a laser). It’s relatively painless, it’s fast and it works.

How Laser Hair Removal, Oakville Works

Laser energy is attracted to the darkest area on your skin, usually the hair follicle or root. Once the heat is absorbed, it damages the hair follicle, slowing down hair growth and in some cases stopping it altogether.

This is the reason why historically, most laser hair removal devices couldn’t treat grey or blonde hair. It’s simply because light coloured hair doesn’t have enough pigment to attract the laser.

Furthermore, treating darkest skin tones was risky because of the opposite problem, there is too much melanin in the skin, leaving for little contrast between the skin and hair.

Diolaze XL, Oakville: Most Versatile Laser Hair Removal Device

The limitations of previous generation LHR devices challenged the industry to innovate. Machines became more and more sophisticated, giving people with a wider range of skin types options for long-term hair removal.

The Diolaze XL is a safe, effective and most reliable method we currently have to remove unwanted hair. Another big advantage is that it’s fast. Clients spend less time in the treatment room thanks to Diolaze’s extra large diode laser handpiece.

For more information about these and our other services visit our website or give us a call to book your complimentary consultation.

Diolaze XL Key Benefits

The Diolaze XL treats even the most stubborn hair with very little pain or discomfort. It has been proven safe and effective on skin types up to VI on the Fitzpatrick scale.

We recommend starting with a package of five sessions, to be reassessed after all the treatments have been completed. This number of sessions is necessary to achieve satisfactory results because hair can only be destroyed while it’s in its active growth (anagen) phase.

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