Forma Facial – Firmer, Tighter Skin with No Downtime

Forma Facial skin tightening

A skin tightening treatment in Mid-Town Oakville you can have on your lunch break

The signs of aging can appear gradually, without us even noticing that we’re starting to get older. You look in the mirror one day and wonder if the skin around your jawline and jowls isn’t as tight as it used to be. You’re probably right.
Normally in our mid-thirties and forties our skin starts to lose the natural collagen that once gave our faces that desirable plumpness of youth. As a result, a process of “deflation” starts to set in.
Deflation, or volume loss, is when our facial tissues (fat, muscle and even bone) start to shrink and descend, giving our face a gaunt, sunken appearance. It’s also what causes our skin to look saggy.

Counteract and prevent sagging skin with the Forma Facial

The Forma Facial is a state-of-the art non-surgical treatment that targets deflation by boosting the natural collagen in your skin. There are no needles and it’s completely non-invasive.
In fact, it’s the most popular skin-tightening procedure here at the Glam House Clinic in Oakville. Clients love this treatment because they can see results right away, even after the first session.
What can you expect if you book a session? Immediately after you will experience improved circulation and a beautiful glow. Your skin will appear more plump and smooth. It’s ideal the day before a special occasion or if you’re going on vacation.
Of course the most striking results can be observed several months after a series of 6-8 treatments. It takes time for your body to rebuild the collagen lost over time and for skin to become more lifted and look plumper.

Forma Facial – How it Works to Boost Collagen and Rejuvenate Skin

The Forma Facial uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the skin, triggering a powerful collagen-building response in the middle layers. As the collagen fibers begin to regenerate and become more organized, facial tissues start to look firmer, lifted and more youthful.
Radiofrequency technology is not new; however, the Forma Facial device embodies the most current advances in skin-firming science. It delivers RF energy at the precise temperate and depth for optimum results.
As a client looking for skin rejuvenation in Bay Bloor area, the Forma Facial can help you look more youthful and lifted without surgery. The best part is it’s extremely well tolerated and there’s zero downtime. You can return to your life immediately without any redness, swelling or bruising.

Prevention is the best approach to skin rejuvenation

This treatment is ideal if you’re looking to improve the contours around your mid-face and jawline. The Forma Facial can effectively reverse skin laxity for a firmer appearance.
But don’t wait until the problem is already visible. The best way to address sagging skin and aging is before it starts.
We recommend starting a series of Forma Facial treatments at the earliest signs of mild to moderate skin laxity. How can you tell? If you can pinch the skin easily, it’s time to book a treatment.
And if you’d like to delay sagging skin to begin with, we recommend a couple of Forma Facials several times a year. We have many clients in their twenties and early thirties who absolutely love this treatment for prevention and to give their face a more chiseled appearance.
For more information about the Forma Facial and our other skin rejuvenation services visit our website or give us a call to book your complimentary consultation.

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